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Product Lists
General Lubricants

Ammonia Compressor Oils
Aviation Oils
Circulating Oils
Diester Compressor Oil
General Machine Oils
Machine Way Lubricants
Mining Equipment Lubricants
PAO Compressor Oils
Poly Glycol Compressor Oil
Rock Drill Oils
Reciprocation Compressor Oils
Spindle Oils
Steam Cylinder Oils
Wire Rope Lubricants

Hydraulic Fluids

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils
Anti-Leak Hydraulic Oil
Cherry Picker Oil
Detergent Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil
Food Grade Hydraulic Oils
High Water Based Fluids
High Pressure 5000 psi
Invert Emulsions
Low Pour Hydraulic Oil
Multi-grade Hydraulic Oils
Rust & Oxidation Inhibited Oils
Straight Hydraulic Oils
Synthetic Hydraulic Oils
Turbine Grade Oils
Water Glycols (Fire Resistant)

Transmission Fluids

Dexron III - Mercon
Ford Type F
Ford Type A
Power Steering Fluid
Universal Tractor Fluid
Type C-3/C-4 Fluid
Power Shift and Torque Converter Fluid

Engine Oils

Heavy Duty Diesel……………………………10 TBN,8TBN
Allison, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack, Volvo

Marine Engine Oil
Natural Gas Engine Oil
Two-Cycle BIA-TC-W III
Railroad Engine Oil
Synthetic Automotive
Stationary Engine Oil


Aluminum Complex
Calcium Complex
Brick Grease
Food Grade
Float Grease
Lithium Complex
Lithium 12-Hydroxy
Rail Curve

Gear Oils

80W-90 - GL5
85W-140 – GL5
EP Gear Oils
Limited Slip
Non- EP Gear Oils
Open Gear Compounds
Straight 90- GL1
Synthetic Gear Oils
Railroad Gear Oil

Metalworking Fluids

Complete CITGO, GULF, and CHEVRON Metalworking Product Lines

Cutting Oils (Non Chlorinated)
Cold Forming Oils
EDM Fluids
Grinding Fluids
Quench Oils
Powder Metal Lube
Rolling Oils
Semi-Synthetic Fluids
Synthetic Coolants
Soluble Oils
Stamping Oils
Tapping Fluids
Tri Purpose Oils
Way Oils

Electrical Oils

Non-Inhibited Transformer Type I
Non-Inhibited Transformer Type II

Specialty Oils

Bar and Chain Oil
Concrete Form Release Oil
Coating Oils
Coal Spray Oil
Food Grade Oils
Heat Transfer Oil
Penetrating Oils
Paper Machine Oils
Refrigeration Oils
Rust Preventative
Slushing Oil
Vacuum Pump Oil

Process Oils

Mineral Seal
Textile Oils


Brake Fluid
Brake Cleaner
Carburetor Cleaner
Isopropyl Alcohol
Mineral Spirits
146 Flash Solvent
Rule 66 Spirits
Stoddard Solvent
Narrow Cut Solvents
Starting Fluids
Windshield Washer Solvents
Triethylene Glycol

Fuel, Gasoline & Additives

Boiler Fuels
Diesel Fuel
Premium Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel Conditioners
Diesel Fuel Biocides
Heating Oil Treatment
K-1 Kerosene
87-93 Octane Gasolines
Gasoline Additives
Injector Cleaner
Lead Substitute
BMW Valve Cleaner


Bulk Oil Tanks.....100 to 10,000 Gallons
Bulk Lube Tanks & Equipment
Dispensing Equipment
Cleaners & Degreasers
Oil Dry
Oil Absorbent Pillows
Oil Analysis


Plant Lubrication Surveys
Product Consolidations
Tank Pump Outs
Transportation Services